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Hatch Management Consulting provides specialist risk management services to assist clients and their teams to capture the predicted economic benefits from their business plans and project opportunities. The identification of opportunities and risks can be materialized and risks are managed to tolerable levels. This is achieved through the integration of risk and value management as inputs into a robust decision-making process.

Our risk and decision analysis consulting team works with expert business and technical experts to provide specialist risk and decision-making services across the life cycle of business opportunities.

Our services are based on the understanding that risk management involves understanding the effect of uncertainty on objectives and that these effects can be positive or negative. The risk management process must also be undertaken within the corporate governance environment to enable senior management and board of directors to understand these issues.

Risk and decision analysis services are also aligned to be applied holistically at either strategic, tactical, operational levels or a combination to meet the client’s objectives and decision-making at these levels.

Interventions are undertaken within the following risk management process framework:

Risk Management Process Framework

Our services allow clients to answer the cardinal risk management questions:

  • What are the major risk issues?
  • How big are they?
  • What are their causes and sources?
  • What are they sensitive to and how can we change them?
  • What level of risk can the business and their stakeholders tolerate?
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