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Commissioning Services

Early in the project life cycle, Hatch Commissioning coordinates activities with the owner, engineering, procurement and construction to organize the activity sequencing for a quick start-up.

Down-time and slow ramp-ups erode business and project value. Working safely and efficiently while minimizing unproductive time are keys to generating the greatest return on capital investments. Projects which are well engineered, constructed, and thoroughly pre-operationally tested, are quickly commissioned on load and begin production and ramp-up to design throughput in the shortest possible time.

Hatch Commissioning Services

Hatch’s commissioning teams have the experience and the technical expertise to provide quality services to projects, including construction testing, pre-operational testing, load commissioning, and ramp-up, to minimize business value loses. Extensive commissioning strategies provide the highest equipment and plant availabilities, helping to maximize cash flows to clients and shareholders.


Experienced commissioning managers with solid records of success and achievement lead our teams. With multidisciplinary teams all around the globe, Hatch can provide customized commissioning teams.


Each project starts with detailed planning that includes scoping of systems, developing test plans, and providing an integrated commissioning schedule which drives construction completion and provides our clients a rapid ramp up.

Hatch provides services from construction testing to ramp-up in five stages. 

Stage 1 [pdf] – Non-energized static construction testing
Stage 2 [pdf] – Energized equipment, pre-operational static tests
Stage 3 [pdf] – Energized systems and/or subsystems, dynamic and functional equipment tests with inert material
Stage 4 [pdf] – Systems load tested with process material
Stage 5 [pdf] – Systems are ramped-up to nameplate capacity with process material

Hatch uses specialized commissioning software, iPas CS, throughout the project to automatically manage, organize, schedule, track, and report on testing, deficiency items, system handover, and temporary alterations.


  1. Complete management of the pre-commissioning and commissioning programs for the project
  2. Preparation of the pre-commissioning and commissioning execution plans
  3. Scope P&IDs, single line schematics, and control system drawings to identify commissionable systems
  4. Develop organizational charts and define roles and responsibilities specific to the project
  5. Develop staffing plan
  6. Develop pre-commissioning, commissioning, and ramp-up budget
  7. Construction, pre-commissioning, and operational services audits to identify gaps and provide realistic estimates of commissioning completion for planning purposes
  8. Provide experienced engineers and commissioning specialists to work as part of an integrated team with operations and maintenance
  9. Provide commissioning management administrators and setup project in Hatch’s Commissioning Management Software (iPas CS)
  10. Manage progress tracking documentation and issue weekly reports
  11. Develop a prioritized commissioning schedule tied to the construction schedule
  12. Develop detailed pre-commissioning, commissioning, and ramp-up procedures.
  13. Plan and manage lock-out /tag-out  (LOTO) and safety
  14. Define and develop procedures for construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning tests
  15. Define plant performance tests (commissioning assistance to operations)
  16. Define and review construction handover documentation
  17. Provide expert resources to manage and participate in project handover walkdowns to assess quality of installation.

As the final step in project execution, Hatch understands the importance to complete the work quickly and as such we work diligently with detailed planning to provide our clients a rapid ramp up.

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