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Cleaning of Copper Cliff Converter Slag
Authors: T. Utigard, T. Tan (University of Toronto), A. Wolf (Hatch), A. Vahed (Vale Inco)
COM2009, August 25, 2009, Sudbury, Canada


Converting slags from Copper Cliff have been treated using various reductants. In order to potentially develop a separate slag cleaning process, the use of various metallic reductants has been investigated. Laboratory slag cleaning tests were carried out on 0.5 kg of slag samples, heated to above 1200 oC and reduced using alloys of Fe-Si, Fe-C and Cu-Si, either alone or as mixtures. In many of the tests, a thermocouple was located within the slag sample and the thermal effects associated with the addition of room temperature reductants to the hot slag were followed. In addition to the reducing power of the reductants, other important factors such as melting behaviour, exothermicity as well as the ability to form a good ‘matte’ product, all affect their performance. The results show that tailored mixtures of Fe-Si, Fe-C and Cu-Si can successfully be used to recover more than 90% of nickel from a converter slag with more than 2% nickel.


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