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Fenix Ferronickel Project

Fenix Ferronickel Project The Fenix Ferronickel Project involves refurbishing and upgrading an existing, mothballed, mine and plant. The original facility, Eximbal, produced nickel matte from the project’s saprolite resource from 1977 to 1980.

Modifications to the plant include replacing the existing oil-fired dryer with a larger coal-fired unit, converting the existing oil-fired kiln to coal-fired, installing a second kiln, replacing the original 45-MW, 18-m diameter electric furnace with a new, 90-MW, 18-m diameter furnace and adding a ladle refinery to produce ferronickel. All environmental systems will be upgraded to meet World Bank standards.

Initially, electrical power will be supplied via a new 150-km long, 230-kV transmission line; after the plant is operating, a petroleum-coke fired power plant will be constructed on site. A bulk material transshipment facility will be established at the port of Santo Tomas and public roads between the port and the plant site will be upgraded.

The Fenix facility will treat saprolite ore to produce about 50 million lb/yr of nickel as ferronickel.

Scope of Services
Hatch was originally contracted by Skye to complete a scoping study in 2004. Subsequently, Hatch completed a feasibility study (issued September 2006) and basic engineering (August 2007). Hatch also completed a preliminary assessment of a hydrometallurgical facility (August 2007) to be located adjacent to the smelter to process the limonitic ore. Hatch is proceeding with full EPCM services for the Fenix Ferronickel Project. Hatch has also been contracted to supply the electric furnace and the Smart Predictive Line Controller (SPLC).


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HudBay Minerals Inc.




US$640 million

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