Hatch supplies engineering, project and construction management services, process and business consulting and operational services to the mining, metallurgical, energy and infrastructure industries.
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Hatch's power unit has a reputation for excellence with nine decades of continuous service in hydro, wind, solar, thermal and nuclear power, and transmission and distribution.  At the forefront of advancements in efficiency and sustainability, Hatch is turning proven experience and innovative thinking into exceptional results on projects around the world.
Alternative EnergyAlternative Energy
Hatch provides operators with technically suitable and cost-effective design, equipment and systems for renewable-energy, including tidal current and geothermal power. Alternative power sources, through good design can provide safe, clean and reliable power.
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Enterprise Asset ManagementEnterprise Asset Management
Hatch provides productive asset management solutions, to maximize the future revenue and profit streams of our clients' power generation and water resources assets while preserving their value over time.
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Hydroelectric Power GenerationHydroelectric Power Generation
Our hydroelectric power projects have altered the productive infrastructure of nations: dams higher than 250 m; powerhouses rated at more than 10,000 MW; and 40,000 MW of power installed or enhanced.
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Nuclear PowerNuclear Power
Hatch has been active in the nuclear power sector since the early 1970s, serving CANDU plants around the world. Hatch has also undertaken nuclear plant prudence audits for facilities in the USA and has provided services for the conceptual design of radioactive waste repositories.
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Power and Water OptimizationPower and Water Optimization
Hatch’s Power and Water Optimization (PWO) group provides advanced software solutions for requests regarding power generation, specifically if the circumstance includes hydroelectric facilities.
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Transmission & DistributionPower Delivery & Integration
Hatch offers a full spectrum of PD&I services from general concept to completion for facilities that include power transmission lines and substations up to 765 kV and HVDC systems up to +/- 500 kV. We also archive and preserve as-built data for future developments.
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Solar EnergySolar Energy
Solar power continues to gain supporters as countries look for safe, sustainable and plentiful sources of energy. At Hatch, we’ve been working with solar energy for over 25 years. In that time, we’ve seen the technology and industry evolve dramatically.
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Thermal EnergyThermal Energy
Hatch works in all aspects of thermal power generation (both conventional and advanced technologies), cogeneration, gasification (coal, biomass and waste), coal-to-liquids and gas quality control (flue-gas emission reduction, syngas handling, treatment and carbon management).
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Water Resource ManagementWater Resource Management
Hatch provides water resources planning and management services ranging from high-level policy assistance, to detailed technical studies employing specialized computer models and highly skilled analysts.
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Wind PowerWind Power
Hatch has participated in more than 15,000 MW of wind power projects worldwide. As part of our design and project management services, Hatch has also developed software that helps clients optimize financial returns.
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Featured Project
Restart of Units 1 and 2 at Bruce A Nuclear Power Station, Canada
Bruce A is a 4 x 750-MW CANDU nuclear plant commissioned in the 1970s. In 2004, Hatch won Canada’s top engineering award for the restart of Units 3 and 4. More >

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