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Hatch IAS is part of the technology division of Hatch specialising in the computer control of industrial processes - with particular interests in the metals industry.

Clients include many of the major international steel and aluminium producers and automation suppliers.

Our staff have specialist skills in mathematical modelling, real-time computer software engineering and industrial process analysis. These skills coupled with substantial industrial experience, particularly in the area of metals processing, have enabled Hatch IAS to develop an international reputation in control of metal processing plants.

The company is knowledge based as it generates its business by packaging our experience in industrial operations in different ways: consulting services, process performance audits, training courses and, most significantly, in automation systems. The internationally known rolling technology course "IRTC", which started in 1990, has trained more than 1,500 engineers and operating staff from 215 companies located in 45 countries.

Achieva Mill Automation

Achieva Mill Automation

Each Achieva Mill Automation component addresses one process requirement. (setup and reporting systems; flatness, thickness, extension, gap and coating control). Together they deliver world class product.

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The Achieva Coating Line automation and equipment components address the full coating pot area and air wiping requirements. Hatch IAS can offer complete pot area equipment solutions, partial equipment upgrades, all with the integrated Achieva coating control packages.  The coating control package can be supplied as a standalone package for existing lines looking for the optimal coating performance.  All these systems are available with the coil reporting systems and data historian. Together they deliver world class product.

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MILLSIM is a range of software to simulate flat rolling, coating and annealing. The software is used to analyse operational practices and problems, evaluate the impact of new or modified equipment, evaluate control strategies and train operators and automation engineers.

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Millcheck Rolling Mill Performance Auditing

MILLCHECK is a structured audit procedure that establishes mill performance benchmarks for existing or proposed equipment and products.

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Galvacheck Metal Coating Performance Auditing

A systematic approach to the practice of metallic coating line performance auditing.

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Advanced Personal Trainer

APT Advanced Personal Trainer
Video, audio, animation and text - all presented in an easy-to-use on-screen lesson environment - provide your rolling mill personnel with the concepts they need to advance their understanding of the rolling process.

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International Rolling Technology Course

International Rolling Technology Course

The Course Objective: To explain the major concepts and characteristics of flat rolling needed to guide and stimulate individuals in solving problems specific to their area of interest.

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HatchIAS Company Profile
HatchIAS Company Profile

  • Performance Auditing
  • Automation
  • Analysis Software
  • Galvacheck Reports

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