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Development of the System for Furnace Integrity Monitoring Based on Real-time Continuous Acoustic Emission Data Acquisition and Analysis
Authors: P. Gebski, A. Sadri, W. Ying
Conference of Metallurgists, Com 2011, October 2-5, 2011, Montreal, Canada


Industrial smelting furnaces are subjected to significant structural changes and deterioration caused by the conditions under which they operate. The current methods for the structural assessment of furnaces include visual inspections, analysis of thermal data, acousto ultrasonic-echo (AU-E) of the refractory lining and surveying of the key structural elements. Acoustic Emission (AE) non-destructive testing (NDT) technique has proven its capabilities for continuous monitoring of industrial installations and structures. Recently, Hatch Ltd. has been successful in applying acoustic emission for monitoring furnace tapblocks, and expanding the scope of the acoustic emission monitoring to the structural integrity of the entire furnace. The capability of detecting emissions related to the fracture development in the furnace shell, movement of the refractory, electrode arcing, combined with efficient source location algorithms makes an acoustic emission system a comprehensive tool for the real-time furnace integrity monitoring. In this paper the concept of such state of the art system for structural integrity assessment is presented. The initial results of the acoustic emission monitoring together with data analysis techniques are discussed.


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